About Robert Hawke

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As a professional speaker, author and cancer survivor, I have presented to audiences including healthcare providers, major corporations, fellow cancer survivors and their families. I wrote the acclaimed book “Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life” and am finishing “Doing Happiness: How feeling good gives us an edge at work“.  With over 20 years of experience in Improvisational Comedy with places like The Second City Comedy Troupe, and creating custom programs for the The Ontario Hospital Association and Princess Margaret Hospital, it has been a real honour to help create change in a entertaining way.

“Rob is funny, dynamic and knows how to light up a room. Kudos!”
-Dante Morra Chief of Staff, Trillium Health Centre

Some of the folks I have worked with are The University of Toronto Medical School, Ryerson University, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital.

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