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The Wellness Solution: Help yourself- Help The World

“We got incredibly positive feedback from our staff. We found The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself Help The World to be incredibly useful.”

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People in the caring professions give of their time, energy and skills at an unprecedented level—it is demanding work, often without reward. The cost can be fatigue, discouragement, even burn out. Speaker, author and humourist Robert Hawke shares an essential message with practical skills for people in the caring professions.

With humour, energy and insights both from science and personal experience, Rob reveals essential skills for enjoying ongoing wellness while managing work demands.

Key Learning Points

 The cost of ignoring your own wellness
 Developing your personalized Wellness Strategy to help you feel better now
 How the power of laughter can positively change your body chemistry in an instant
 Coping  strategies to help re-experience our positive and resourceful states
 Using happiness as a tool to not only feel good, but help you increase productivity, creativity and skill levels

“Entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. Bravo!” Robert Fletcher, Ministry of Healthand Long-Term Care

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You Can Own The Room:Rob Web photo 1

Lose Your Fear and Present Like a Pro

You can have the best, most life changing ideas on the planet but if you can’t communicate in a way that moves people, then it’s all a waste.

The ability to speak to a room can mean the difference between getting a promotion and staying in the same boring job. It can mean being recognized as a leader, or getting lost in the crowd. It can mean creating enough influence to get your idea implemented or having all of your hard work go to waste.

You Can Own The Room: Lose Your Fear and Present Like a Pro finds your hidden strengths and draws them out so that you can represent yourself and your ideas in a way that will light up an audience.

Using 25 years of experience as a professional actor and improviser, Robert Hawke developed You Can Own the Room to help talented, working professionals break through their fear and create presentations that help them have the life they want.

Perfect for groups of professionals who want to increase their level of influence and enhance their leadership skills. Robert Hawke’s teaches simple, real world techniques to create your best presentations ever and believe it or not, you’ll have a blast.

What You Will Learn:

 Discover the secrets of speaking with authentic power.

 Learn how great presenters “own” the entire audience.

 Examine how embracing the unexpected can make your audience love you.

Interactive, challenging and instructive, You Can Own The Room helps audiences find their confidence and teaches practical techniques to help you the bridge the gap to take your presentation skills from where they are now to where you want them to be.


Doing Happiness

How Feeling Good Gives You an Edge at WorkIMG_5055

People don’t take happiness seriously. I’m Robert Hawke and I think it’s essential.

In a world where people struggle to get ahead, we have overlooked one of the most fundamental tools we can use to be more successful and actually enjoy our lives in the process. Scientific research proves that being happy makes us more productive, more creative and can help us excel at our best skills. Most people think that if we’re enjoying our jobs we must be goofing off, when quite frankly, happiness at work can give us a valuable edge. 

The big question is, “Can we do things to help ourselves be happier at work?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

The keynote Doing Happiness: How Feeling Good Gives You An Edge at Work, will prove to your audience using scientific research that we can positively influence how we feel and be more successful as a result.

Your Audience Will Learn:

The science of how enhancing your level of happiness can give you an edge.

How ten minutes a day of the Happiness Workout will measurably increase your results.

How one simple action can positively influence your body chemistry almost instantly.

As a professional speaker, author and cancer survivor, Robert Hawke has helped healthcare providers, major corporations, fellow cancer survivors and their families learn how to influence their level of happiness.


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