Many Thanks Halifax! It was an honour to do The Hope Workshop with such generous and brave people. I was blown away by the hospitality and community support. People were remarkably friendly (of course, its the East Coast). The CBC dropped by and did this story. Many thanks to Paul Palmeter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9qTD0sOK4g&feature=youtu.be An Excerpt from The Hope Workshop. We can contribute so much to each other. Also, I am all excited and in a suit for once. http://youtu.be/ANoqIekzdu8 Global News gave us wonderful support as well.

So, Here’s a video of NormVsCancer taken from a performance at Princess Margaret Hospital.

For some reason it won’t play on the NormVsCancer page. I have no idea why! It plays here though…

Here is a segment taken from The Hope Workshop


The Hope Workshop is going on the road!

 I am thrilled to announce that The Hope Workshop is coming to Halifax on March 20th. We will be at The Company House (which is a very cool place i am told). Want to attend? Sure you do! Please register with me soon at robhawke@gmail.com . Space is limited. [quoteRotator title= delay=”{delay in seconds, optional}” fade=”{fade-in duration in seconds, optional}” fadeout=”{fade-out duration in seconds, optional}”]

 The Hope Workshop is a chance for people affected by cancer to come together, tell their stories and share resources.

Robert Hawke is a cancer survivor who helps people affected by cancer rediscover hope, passion and possibility. With his extensive experience in comedy, Robert Hawke creates life affirming and engaging programs for those affected by a major health challenge as well as dynamic and entertaining presentations for professional conferences, universities and colleges. For instance… hope The Hope Workshop. It’s about creating good feelings! The Hope Workshop is a chance for people who have been affected by cancer to come together, tell their stories, share resources and laugh. “This workshop gave me great tools that I will use. Amazing and Awesome!”Dominique G (participant) “Robert’s dynamic presentations have proved very valuable for our curriculum at The University of Toronto Medical School. He is funny, dynamic and knows how to light up a room. His talks for medical professionals, students and patients are a must see. Kudos!” Dante Morra, Chief of Staff, Trillium Health Centre “I witnessed Rob’s courage and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others through his talents as an artist. He was and continues to be oh so important for those of us who work in hospital environments that are in desperate needs of artists like Robert Hawke and the arts in multiple forms.” Gail J. Mitchell, RN; PhD, Director York-UHN Nursing Academy Many Thanks to The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine for this great article. http://medicine.utoronto.ca/news/preparing-future-medical-leaders