Brand Spanking New Keynote!

I am so happy to announce that my new keynote Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier is ready! It was developed at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and was met with rave reviews at PharmacyU in Vancouver. many thanks for everyone who helped in its development. Here is the summary below.
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Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier

Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier is an original, interactive keynote that teaches medical professionals how to increase their level of engagement with their patients in a way that helps them have more impact, improves their level of Patient Centred Care and helps them find more fulfillment in their work.

Who is Rob to teach this?
Inspired by his experience as a cancer survivor and drawing on his work in comedy, Rob has created content for medical professionals, taught at U of T Medical School, created a workshop for the Ontario Hospital Association, and used comedy to help cancer patients and their families find courage and resources they didn’t know they had. All of this experience enriches and informs Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier.

Rob starts with his patient story, his experiences navigating the healthcare system and the impact that great care has on the patient experience. He then demonstrates what it will do for medical professionals, on an emotional, professional and business level.

What you will Learn:
How to use the profound power of listening.
The best question a medical professional can ask.
The “recipe” for a significant patient interaction.
How to create better relationships with patients. (Demonstrated on stage and practiced in dyads.)
Confirmation that you now have the skill set to do this effectively.
Proof that you have a much more impact than you think.
On behalf of the people you serve: Thank You!

At the end of the presentation, participants will have developed clearly defined skills and know the specific steps to create more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with their patients.

Connecting With Patients: The Final Frontier was developed at Sunnybrook Hospital and first presented at PharmacyU in Vancouver. It was met with rave reviews by both participants and sponsors.

University Health Network Today

Trilled to be be presenting The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself Help The World at The University Health Network today. We will be rocking the house as part of a wellness conference for staff and clinicians. Often the people who are the best at looking after patients need to be reminded to look after themselves.

I’ve got a hot cup of coffee and I’m hittin’ the road.

Developing Original Content for Pharmacy U

I am thrilled to have been commissioned to create an original module for Pharmacy U in both Vancouver and Toronto this year. Connecting with Patients: The Final Frontier will get its debut in Vancouver on November 25th. This session has been allotted a C.E.U (Continuing Education Unit) of .50.

This has nothing at all to do with Star Trek.

Sunnybrook Hospital Clinical Pharmacology Rounds this Thursday!

I am thrilled to be presenting  at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre Clinical Pharmacology Rounds October 19th. At noon on Thursday I’ll be doing a full hour of The Wellness Solution Help Yourself help The World.

CMHA Kenora Branch for the win!!

It was an absolute pleasure working with CMHA Kenora Branch.

(Just out of frame- Huskie The Muskie)

Thrilled to be Presenting at Pharmacy U!

I will be presenting Connecting With Patients:The Final Frontier at Pharmacy U on November 27th in Vancouver. The entire landscape of pharmacy is changing at a very rapid pace. Up until now, the potential for meaningful connection between pharmacists and patients has been overlooked. We’ll explore how enriching this relationship offers significant advantages to pharmacists and brings better care to patients. Can’t wait!

Pharmacy U logo

This session has been given a rating of 0.5 CEU (Continuing Education Unit)

Writing an Article for U of T Med Magazine, who me?

You ever get one of those emails that comes out of nowhere and feels great? Well, I was just asked to write an article for UofT Med Magazine. This alumni magazine is put out to support graduates of the U of T Medicine program has been doing great stuff on mental health for physicians and how medical professionals need to learn to support themselves and their colleagues in this wildly challenging field. I’ve been asked to do a piece on comedy in medicine. I’ve almost got a first draft cooking; and a second draft that’s about to go in the oven.

We’ll see how this cake turns out.


Hello Canadian Cardiovascular Pharmacists!

Is that a prescription in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I am very excited to be presenting The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself Help The World for the The Canadian Cardiovascular Pharmacists Network. 

The 20th Annual Contemporary Therapeutic Issues in Cardiovascular Disease will be attended by pharmacists from across the country. I will also be presenting the workshop You Can Own The Room: Lose Your Fear and Present Like a Pro.

Can’t wait!

Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch

I am thrilled to be presenting The Wellness Solution: Help Yourself help The World to The Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch. It will be terrific to go to this marvelous part of the country and meet professionals in health care who are doing work supporting the community. Kenora has always been a bit of a mythical place for me and I am excited to go. Heck, to be honest my fishing rod is already packed in hopes of meeting Huskie the Muskie.

Looking forward to it CMHA Kenora Branch!

huskie the muskie

Long Live Gilda’s!

A Huge Thank You to Lianne Mauladin Anna Gustafson and The Coincidence Men for a tremendous show last night at Glida’s Club Toronto. It was one of the magical nights when everyone had a blast. Our gifted comedians were in amazing form. The members of Gilda’s were a great audience. That my friends is the power of laughter and imrov in action.

Good Feels all around. Many thanks, we’ll do it again. Long Live Gilda’s!